This was announced by the general director of the state enterprise «Malyshev Plant» Alexander Khlan during the visit of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yulia Svitlychna.

- During our management of the plant, wages have doubled, - says Oleksandr Khlan. - With the support of the regional administration only for several months this year it has increased by 30% compared with January. Now the average salary at the enterprise is above 7000 UAH, industrial workers earn more than 8 000 UAH. And we are not going to stop. We repay our debt to the pension fund, we are going to continue to modernize the equipment and increase the salary. To attract workforce is one thing, but it is very important to respect every worker. Our goal is to make each worker receive 10 000 UAH per month. This year we plan to reach 9 000 UAH.

Growth of wages is the result of a marked takeover of the company over the past year and a half. For comparison: in 2014 the product release of the plant was 170 million UAH, and during the first half of this year the amount of sales of commodity products will be about 1.4 billion UAH. By the end of 2017 the plant will sell products for 3 billion UAH, it is more than 50% higher than the results of 2016. At the same time, the plant is not going to slow down. According to the words of Oleksandr Khlan next year the company plans to sell the amount of products not less than in 2017, to increase the portfolio of orders through the manufacture of engines and MTD for special equipment and execution of orders for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

- The enterprise was on the verge of closure only three years ago. There was an arrear in payment of wages, and there were debts, - the governor assesses the work done. – Today «Malyshev Plant» is working, there is labor, salary is paid and there are clear prospects for the future. It's nice to see the fervor and energy in the plant workers’ eyes. We will support all the initiatives of the enterprise from our side.