Our manufacturing was shown to pupils

Today our plant was visited by twenty-five pupils of secondary school of Zachepilovka, Kharkiv region. The excursion into the place where real tanks are being manufactured, has become an exciting adventure for children.

The teacher in charge – the head of a friendly group of curious children Svetlana Kravtsova told us that their school organized various tours for their pupilsregularly. Many places of interest of Kharkiv has already been visited by them. But they visited the company that provides military equipment, famous allover the world the first time.

The children showedthe initiative themselves, they were very curious to see live a modern tank, to join the process of it’s manufacturing. The excursion group consisting mainly of high school students, visited the assembly and welding and assembly shop of the plant where the tank came as a single integrated organism, the tower is welded, other components and almost in sight of pupils, in the dynamics of the production process, comes ready the vehicle that is striking by its power and reality of its feeling.

These are the emotions the excursion aroused in children. Sometimes there was a lack of words but the genuine delight could be read in their eyes. Because they only could see these modern armored vehicles in movies and computer games before. So they listened the story about the combat characteristics of «Bulat» and «Oplot» and technological features of productionwith great interest. And the biggest revival was when they were shown in practice how the automatic battery mounted on superb in many ways «Oplot». And besides the tanks could be touched! The new ones, and those who suffered during the ATO and were currently being renovated. Charred and mutilatedin hostilities, they were once folded the same way in a similar guild, they «shot with no joke...». This sight makes a special impression and provides an understanding that tank is not a toy from«shooters», it is a fighting vehiclefrom real life... For further delight the kids were even allowed to climb onto a tank!

Also with interest pupils perceived the historical part of the event. They were told about the creation of the legendary tank T-34, and then, at the end they visited the museum of history of the plant. Which by its importance across the city and the country has made a big impression. They came home full of delight, an unforgettable experience and understanding of the involvement in the revival of the military potential of the country, pride in it.