The enterprise has created a premium fund to encourage young employees under the age of 35.

With such initiative the chairman of the primary trade union organization of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union «Protection of Justice» of State Enterprise «Malyshev Plant», director of the branch «Aggregate Plant» Yuriy Stuparenko. According to Yuriy Stuparenko this September the «Defense of Justice» trade union proposed to the management of the enterprise to consider the issue of financial support for promising young employees of the plant and the creation of a premium fund for their promotion.

- Our trade union organization and the administration of the enterprise has decided to create such a fund. Its goal is to support our young workers, to show concern about employees, - says Yuriy Stuparenko.

As Yuriy Stuparenko notes the first stage of the payment of awards started in October - young producers were encouraged initially.

- The 250 young people who show high labor numbers (the size of the bonus depends on the achievements of employees) is awarded with premium every month now. Since December we want to encourage the young employees of the subsidiary services of the plant, so in the near future we plan to increase the fund to reward all worthy specialists. Every month our trade union and the administration of the company reviews the lists, because the influx of young people into the factory has started to increase gradually, and accordingly it is necessary to increase the money fund, - says Yuriy Stuparenko. - Youth is the future of the plant, and our task is to attract as many young talented people as possible to work, to create all the necessary conditions and to support by all means.