The students of “Kozhedub Team”: familiarity with the “live” tanks

The plant tour was held for the students of the Military College of Kharkiv Air Force University named after Ivan Kozhedub.

Three study groups of thirty-two students led by Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Buzenovskiy visited the museum of history of our plant, where they learnt a lot about the history and development stages of the plant from the first locomotives to modern models of military technology. And about our people – the "Malyshev Team" who despite the large grave hardships that they had to experience, embodied many brilliant ideas, the result of design thought of many generations of people involved in the “tank case”.
And then they went to the workshop to see directly process of the development of the defensive might of our country. In this case, it was represented by tanks «Oplot» and upgraded T-64B«Bulat». In assembling and welding students saw how the tank tower was created, with their own eyes they examined all the details of the process, convinced of the high professionalism of our specialists. Then the students visited a nearby assembly workshop. During the tour the students were able not only to track on the process of drafting the tank, but also to assess the state of heavy armored vehicles, which arrived from the ATO zone. They could understand the magnitude of the work on their restoration. And they could properly evaluate the work of our staff, who «returned to life» a seemingly totally destroyed vehicle, gave it a chance to test itself in battle again. The repair of equipment is very close for the future militarians (among them were two girls, by the way). Because air craft maintenance is their future profession!


From children's holiday - into adulthood!

On the 1st of June, during the Children’s day, we traditionally visited our sponsored orphanage «Family» with great joy and excitement.
Children invited us, waiting for their guests. They prepared for our arrival a whole dance and singing greeting called «Summer Journey». Rather it was even travel the world. Children performed inflammatory Irish dance, and then moved us to the African space, depicting the natives of the places they were very organic. Stunningly beautiful was dancing with white and blue ribbons, wrapped with French charm of the song of Parisian streets.


Conquering new horizons with a new director

Alexander Khlan, who previously was acting Director General was appointed to be General Director of SE «Malyshev Plant» by the decree of SC «Ukroboronprom» from 27.05. 2016 and according to the Law of Ukraine «On peculiarities of state property management in the defense-industrial sector». From 30.05. 2016 he started his duties at the main position.


We’ll tell and teach, cadets classes were held at our plant

The individual workshops of SE «Malyshev Plant» has become a platform for training workshops again on the 25-26th of May. This time it was for the 2nd year students of the Faculty of Military Training of National Technical University «KPI» (direction of preparation «Engineering mechanics» speciality «Arms and military equipment»).

The theme of classes was«Fundamentals of metallurgical production, methods of welding and machining».


Our engine 6TD-3 is a pride of innovative achievements

At the XI International exhibition of special forces «SOFEX 2016» which recently took place in Amman, capital of Jordan, participated representatives of our company as a part of Ukroboronprom delegation.
We presented tank multifuel engine 6TD-3 at the Ukrainian stand. This is one of the latest versions of diesel multifuel number 6TD with the capacity 1400 h.p. Joint innovative working of KEDB and Malyshev Plant is an improved model of the engine for heavy armored vehicles in many parameters, and therefore it naturally attracted the attention of potential customers.


We are interesting internationally

The activities of our company, the leading plant of tank building industry and one of the most important and iconic companies of Ukrainian Oboronprom attracts more and more attention of general public in our country and in the near and the far abroad. It is called – among friends and enemies. And there is no wonder: in the current political situation, when the country is in suspense and waiting, in a permanent state of fighting in the Donbass, successful and victorious outcome of which mostly depends on our well-coordinated, efficient work. Tanks «Bulat» which were designed and developed in our company, are being warranty serviced now and other armored vehicles, including repaired mutilated by fighting – all this is a notable help for Ukrainian Army, its support and strength guarantee. Moreover, in the near future, our company is planning to strengthen the country's power by tanks of the latest modifications, modern high-tech models such as «Оplot» and others.
A recent visit of BBC channel film crew to our plant for creation of news story with reporter orientation is the support of our importance.


«And we are just Ukrainians!»

Ukraine celebrates the Day of our embroidery on the 19th of May. «Malyshev Team» celebrated this event in their jobs, adding to their clothes some national colors of clothing. There are many true patriots among us, adhering to traditions and respect the history of our people many men in embroidered shirts were met this day everywhere, in different departments and shops of the plant. Ukrainian values and our authenticity and originality is what we and proud of, it makes us strong, and supports our national spirit and faith. This is not just a flash mob for a special date, this is a confirmation of our position, direction, goals. Exactly Ukrainians make Ukraine strong!


We congratulate you on the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory!

The administration of SE «Malyshev Plant» congratulates all factory workers, veterans of labor, all involved - especially the WWII veterans and all those who visit our site these sacred holidays on the Day of Victory!
Our factory has made a significant contribution to the approach of this light day, in the war front and rear, working heroically and tirelessly! Our famous T-34 tank is a symbol of this Victory, whose invaluable contributions and each plant worker of those years, can hardly be overestimated!


We remember and take pride

On the 6th May of, the eve of the 71st anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany, the labor collective of our plant with veteran organization took part in laying flowers at the Stella of fallen heroes from Malyshev Team: 358 names are carved in it, those whose names were found for today...

The representatives of administration and head of trade union of veterans of the enterprise, the participants hostilities spoke to the audience. They congratulated everyone on the upcoming Victory Day, recalled the role of the labor collective during the war, reminded that Malyshev Team forged a celebration in the rear as the front approached victory thanks to their heroic and selfless work.