Tank T-35 as a gift for our plant

Our company (and each visitor can confirm it) has a wonderful museum of the history of the plant, cared, guarded and promoted by true enthusiast and expert of her business, its director Anna Bystrychenko. And today she met the guests.
Representatives of «Autotrading-Kharkiv», represented by its director Alexander Dobrunov, presented a gift and the exposition was added with another exhibit: the layout of the tank T-35, made in scale 1:35.
This tank was manufactured at the Malyshev plant in the thirties of the last century. It was from heavy series, with a crew of 11 people and five machine guns (with three guns) and engine power of 500 h.p. now it seems somewhat cumbersome and high ( its height is 3430 mm), and extremely slow (30km p/ h). But at that time, in 1933, for the first time after BT series tanks, transition, such innovations in modernization seemed some kind of breakthrough, they were totally justified.


Hot June: work goes smoothly, shops do shock work

Last month our plant continued to operate in a given by its guidance pace, performing all the tasks on schedule delivery of the works.
Continuing the contract with one of our key international customers, making ETC and several components for main battle tank of contractor’s army and for other modernization – products are fully prepared for shipment. It is worth noting how our advanced machine shop and their sense of responsibility and mobilization could ensure the timely execution of the manufacturing of details stated on this order. Also assembly and welding-assembly shops well managed.
Units and components for the mentioned orders are in further production and their next party, following already made one, will be shipped in August.


Ukrainian coat of arms instead of Soviet paraphernalia

For implementating the Law of Ukraine «On the condemnation of Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols» on commemorative stele in honor of the founders of the legendary T-34 tank instead of dismantled Soviet symbols banned in our country (sickle, hammer and five-pointed star that was previously depicted there) a trident was set. The emblem of Ukraine was made directly to the company's own efforts of factory workers, our sales department provided materials, section of chief architect maded drawings, cold-stamping shop carved elements, assembling and welding shop welded fixing,


Repair of our production is our point of honor

Today our plant does not diminish its activities, stressing, above all, the close and productive cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the Ministry of Defence. State defense order is being performed on several counts – in accordance with the objectives and the schedule of works.
Following the earlier concluded contractdue to schedule, we renew armored vehicles, which suffered from armed conflict in the Donbass. This is mainly BM «Bulat» – modern tanks made in our company, whose leading to a state of combat readiness is our high-priority business, considering the understanding of the now a situation in the country when there is nothing more important than strengthening the defense capability of our army.


Our manufacturing was shown to pupils

Today our plant was visited by twenty-five pupils of secondary school of Zachepilovka, Kharkiv region. The excursion into the place where real tanks are being manufactured, has become an exciting adventure for children.
The teacher in charge – the head of a friendly group of curious children Svetlana Kravtsova told us that their school organized various tours for their pupilsregularly. Many places of interest of Kharkiv has already been visited by them. But they visited the company that provides military equipment, famous allover the world the first time.


The students of “Kozhedub Team”: familiarity with the “live” tanks

The plant tour was held for the students of the Military College of Kharkiv Air Force University named after Ivan Kozhedub.

Three study groups of thirty-two students led by Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Buzenovskiy visited the museum of history of our plant, where they learnt a lot about the history and development stages of the plant from the first locomotives to modern models of military technology. And about our people – the "Malyshev Team" who despite the large grave hardships that they had to experience, embodied many brilliant ideas, the result of design thought of many generations of people involved in the “tank case”.
And then they went to the workshop to see directly process of the development of the defensive might of our country. In this case, it was represented by tanks «Oplot» and upgraded T-64B«Bulat». In assembling and welding students saw how the tank tower was created, with their own eyes they examined all the details of the process, convinced of the high professionalism of our specialists. Then the students visited a nearby assembly workshop. During the tour the students were able not only to track on the process of drafting the tank, but also to assess the state of heavy armored vehicles, which arrived from the ATO zone. They could understand the magnitude of the work on their restoration. And they could properly evaluate the work of our staff, who «returned to life» a seemingly totally destroyed vehicle, gave it a chance to test itself in battle again. The repair of equipment is very close for the future militarians (among them were two girls, by the way). Because air craft maintenance is their future profession!


From children's holiday - into adulthood!

On the 1st of June, during the Children’s day, we traditionally visited our sponsored orphanage «Family» with great joy and excitement.
Children invited us, waiting for their guests. They prepared for our arrival a whole dance and singing greeting called «Summer Journey». Rather it was even travel the world. Children performed inflammatory Irish dance, and then moved us to the African space, depicting the natives of the places they were very organic. Stunningly beautiful was dancing with white and blue ribbons, wrapped with French charm of the song of Parisian streets.


Conquering new horizons with a new director

Alexander Khlan, who previously was acting Director General was appointed to be General Director of SE «Malyshev Plant» by the decree of SC «Ukroboronprom» from 27.05. 2016 and according to the Law of Ukraine «On peculiarities of state property management in the defense-industrial sector». From 30.05. 2016 he started his duties at the main position.


We’ll tell and teach, cadets classes were held at our plant

The individual workshops of SE «Malyshev Plant» has become a platform for training workshops again on the 25-26th of May. This time it was for the 2nd year students of the Faculty of Military Training of National Technical University «KPI» (direction of preparation «Engineering mechanics» speciality «Arms and military equipment»).

The theme of classes was«Fundamentals of metallurgical production, methods of welding and machining».