The power and the result is in the unity

An extended meeting with the heads of all enterprises of concern Ukroboronprom was held in SE “Malyshev Plant” – components suppliers to the main product of our enterprise CV “Oplot-T”. Also during the discussion of this issue the management of SC “Ukrspetsexport” was present who is engaged in export activity of the plant. The purpose of the event is the deadline of the delivery and coordination of all parts of Concern involved in making the said combat vehicle that will ensure unconditional fulfillment of the plans for 2016 year.

The meeting was attended by Acting Director General of “Malyshev Plant” A. Khlan, Director General of SC Ukrspetsexport P. Bukin, director of Lviv State Plant “Lorta” O. Pogrebnyak, Director of SE “Kharkiv Machine Building Plant FED A. Paschenko, managing readjustment of SE “Kharkiv instrument Plant named after T. Shevchenko” I. Bulyzhyn and the Head of SE “Scientific-Industrial Complex Photoprylad” (Cherkassy) G. Korevo.


Indicators of growth as proof of success and correct way

The first quarter of this year has been lived. And we can take some interim summary of the ongoing activities of the enterprise.
The pace of production has a clear trend of growth today, compared with the first quarter of last year its commodity output has increased by 653,9%. In other words it has grown in 7,5 times.
«Oplots», dozens of MTO, engines for KMDB were handed over the warehouse, spare parts for export and some other products for significant amount of money were manufactured.
Currently our staff has increased by 23,5% compared to the first quarter of last year.


«Oplot» is at the stamps of our country

Ukrainian posts service by the initiative of SC «Ukroboronprom» introduced in circulation a series of marks «National military equipment»with the help of which it is planned to present all contemporary Ukrainian arms weaponry gradually.

Notably, the first in this series was the colorful postage stamp depicting our tank «Oplot».

Total circulation of the stampsis 130 thousand copies. The stamp has aroused a considerable interest among philatelists. It has not become a rarity at this moment, but it will be later. In the meantime it is running like posts stamp, valid for the payment of postal services in all branches of Ukrainian posts service.


Tanks and lyceum students: meeting at the plant

On the 26th of March SE «Malyshev Plant» and Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau named after Morozov were visited by the group of high school pupils of Kyiv Military Lyceum named after Ivan Bohun including forty-one person led by platoon commander Maxim Kaminsky. It was informative and educational tour. The trip was initiated by the parent committee of the 5th company of the educational institution and its leadership was intended to show the boys «live» existing military equipment of plants and to familiarize them with the process of its production.


Our engine 3TD-2 for new BMP

BMP-1UM is updated vehicle designed by Kiev DB «Artillery», whose testing has begun on «Zhytomyr Armored Plant» and it has just been given a new «heart»: instead of the former UTD-20 engine rated at 300 h.p. a diesel engine 3TD-2 producted by SE «Malyshev Plant» was installed. Its power is about 400 h.p. and it will positively affect the dynamic qualities of the vehicle. In particular, during factory testing of BMP-1UM overcame thirty-degree rise in third gear.


Tank commanders meeting

Our plant was attended by commanders of tank units of Ukrainian army as part of military training, which took place in Kharkiv at the Guards faculty of military training of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» and state enterprises of Kharkiv, which specialize in this area being under the auspices of Ukroboronprom.


The rates are increasing: everything goes according to plan

Malyshev Plant continues to work intensively: a planned shipment of another batch of the engine compartment (ETC) and other major parts and components for military equipment for foreign customers with whom the company had a long and promising industrial communications takes place at the moment. After completion of the shipment of these products a new one is planned: on this occasion all the agreements were signed and approved by the other party, all declared and manufactured products were inspected, waiting for their turn to be sent. We can say that work is proceeding even with some advance.

All this became possible thanks to the mobilization of available working resources in the enterprise last month, people worked overtime, came to work at the weekend, being able to make up for the fact that they did not manage to do in the shortened holiday January.


Alexander Khlan: systematic work for success

There was another round of power change in the company four months ago: Alexander Khlan, who previously worked as a chief specialist of the Civil Code “Ukroboronprom”, has become an Acting Director General of SE “Malyshev Plant”. Gradually, during this period, the steering apparatus was substantially renewed – a new team came to the plant management. What did they do during this period of time, and how clear and bright are the prospects?


Mykhailivska Square. Tank Oplot. Come and make sure

As part of the conference held in Kiev “Ukrainian forum that s Defense Security 2016”, which is scheduled for February 18, 2016 in the capital's InterContinental Hotel, on Mykhailivska Square is represented by serial sample our leading products – tank Oplot. Demonstration of the best in many aspects of the world of the tank (on road performance, to protect, for fire control system) takes place from February, 15 to public inspection: everyone can see the fighting machine in reality, see and touch – to feel the real power and bastion of the army and the protection of citizens, embodied in metal, generated by intelligence and technical genius of our designers and engineers, and the hands and professional skill of our working people, specialists of different units – the whole staff SE "Malyshev Plant".


Our Last Hero

Mariya Yakovlevna Paramonova, Hero of the Socialist Labour (I do not know if I can say these words now, during the decommunization, but I will say, and hereinafter, because there are years and years of hard and self-sacrificing work for the benefit of our motherland, no matter how it was called behind them). Nowadays the is the last of Malyshev team who wears this rank (which was not given to anyone just like that).

Today, on the 11th of January, she is 90 years old. Nine decades of sometimes complicated and difficult life, but active and busy life. The life was such as the plant’s destiny: its war and postwar history, the era of recovery, development, heyday, labor feats, jetting ideas and plans and everyday desperate dedication for the benefit of our country , army in the name of their power and development.