The thieves were detained

Yesterday, 08.12.2015, the shooters of management protection and fire safety of SE “Malyshev plant” under the leadership of chief changing of the guard on the plant territory detained two citizens stealing a copper conductor cable which whole length was 48 meters from the bridge crane, what could cause large material damage.


A new approach to rejuvenation of personnel

SE “Malyshev plant” starts a new phase of active communication with country universities and first of all – Kharkiv engineer-technical and financial universities. Nowadays conforming preparatory work is already being held at the enterprise - the involvement of young specialists- graduates and, what is important and new – students of pre-graduate courses.


Not a stranger’s anniversary

Last week one of the leading universities of Kharkiv and Ukraine – National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” – celebrated its 130th anniversary.

SE “Malyshev Plant” and NTU “KhPI” are united by more than age-old history: the university turns 130 years old this year, and our plant – 120 years. And we have always been inextricably tied: creative findings, operational issues, adoption of advanced technologies and creation of unique specimens of high-quality equipment for the agro-industrial complex and military one for strengthening the country's defense potential. All that we have done and are doing together.


Without orders

In pursuance of Law of Ukraine «On condemnation of the National Socialist (nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and ban their symbolism propaganda» soviet orders were removed from the facade of the plant last Tuesday. They included: the order of Lenin (Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from the 19th of September 1942 - for the exemplary performance of tasks of the government in product release, in particular, diesels B-2);


The plant keeps on working in intensive mode

SE “Malyshev plant” keeps on working in intensive mode with the aim of performing state order of the Ministry of Defence and establish troubleproof production of tank «Oplot» for the needs of Ukrainian army. The work for staff selection was activated, basic and auxiliary workshops were put into action , requirements for product quality were increased.


Malyshev Plant: On the threshold of new possibilities

Today Ukraine can be proud of the fact, that despite of all economical difficulties of recent years, she could save her tank building. We should remark that only in seven countries the production of this fighting vehicle is established. And we are the one of them. Also a leading enterprise – the only enterprise producing tanks in Ukraine is SE «Malyshev Plant», which has recently celebrated 120 years of its troubleproof work in mechanical engineering.
Tank building in Ukraine has many prospects, because it is totally concentrated on domestic spare parts. That is why on Malyshev plant, in light of recent events, did not happen a rupture of economic ties and production collapse, just on the contrary – the rise took place. That can not be said about major part of industrial enterprises of Kharkiv, one part of which is in collapse and the second part is completely ceased to exist.
At this stage, the amendment on the internal political situation in the country, the enterprise has the task of national importance: first of all, to establish and build up the uninterrupted production of tanks for the needs of the national army. All plant workshops and departments are entirely focused on the execution of this task. The plant increases production volumes, the plant comes to life, the plant has a future. It can be said that the current time at the plant – this period of its remission, reviving after a long period of stagnation and decay, which occurred during the previous years. Today, and the plant's management and all its staff as a whole look with confidence to the future. In fact there is a good reason.