A gift and a congratulation for everyone

On the New Year’s Eve each worker of our plant (we are already about 3000) has received a present in smart original packaging. The administration of the enterprise took care of it. And it is common, that not only the content of the present is significant(that is important too – qualitative goods of the famous brand is always actual), but the attention itself and involvement into pre-New Year congratulation of every factory worker.


Our partners from Thailand are satisfied with our work

In the end of this year our plant was visited by the delegation of representatives of the armed forces from the Kingdom of Thailand with the working trip. Their aim was to improve the further work on the contract about the bringing of tanks “Oplot” into this country. They have observed and estimated the production capacity and opportunities of our plant, more specific – produced and producible combat units tested in action in polygon field conditions. The quality of performed works and technical status of the vehicles completely satisfied them.


In memory of legendary director

There were in Kharkiv life and plant’s life people, whose significance can hardly be overestimated – their contribution into the city and the plant development is enormous.
One of these people was Oleg Soyich - a bright and extraordinary personality, a talented leader, and a professional is his field.


And we are in the Family again!

There was a small delegation on St.Nikolaev’s Eve (representatives of trade-union committee and enterprise administration) on behalf of our plant came with a friendly visit to the sponsored the orphanage Family.
The children got ready for the meeting: they made a whole dance and song congratulation for the guests. In smartly decorated hall they performed their talents to the audience. The guests were in delight: the children performance was supported with cheerful smiles and applause. Besides us this matinee was visited by deputees and the leadership of Kharkiv City Council headed by the director of Department of Education Olga Demenko who, according to her words, came to see her favorite children, whose congratulation was only a beginning of festive pre-New year celebration for her, and the director of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Konstantin Loboychenko.


Malyshevplant – flagship of success

Kharkiv industry now is booming. According to the estimates of experts during the outgoing year our enterprises have sold 40% more products than during the last one. First of all, the index of production is raised due to the plants of defense orientation, and our plant comes first as well as Morozov Design Bureau and armored plant.

Today Kharkiv enterprises have fulfilled orders for 60 billion hryvnias. This figure in Kharkiv Regional State Administration is called high, but further growth is also expected: the success should be consolidated. Mainly, due to the “defense”, due to the increase of orders for the enterprises belonging to the Ukroboronprom group. For this purpose it is necessary to combine efforts in work both with each other and with the “civil” plants.


The thieves were detained

Yesterday, 08.12.2015, the shooters of management protection and fire safety of SE “Malyshev plant” under the leadership of chief changing of the guard on the plant territory detained two citizens stealing a copper conductor cable which whole length was 48 meters from the bridge crane, what could cause large material damage.


A new approach to rejuvenation of personnel

SE “Malyshev plant” starts a new phase of active communication with country universities and first of all – Kharkiv engineer-technical and financial universities. Nowadays conforming preparatory work is already being held at the enterprise - the involvement of young specialists- graduates and, what is important and new – students of pre-graduate courses.


Not a stranger’s anniversary

Last week one of the leading universities of Kharkiv and Ukraine – National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” – celebrated its 130th anniversary.

SE “Malyshev Plant” and NTU “KhPI” are united by more than age-old history: the university turns 130 years old this year, and our plant – 120 years. And we have always been inextricably tied: creative findings, operational issues, adoption of advanced technologies and creation of unique specimens of high-quality equipment for the agro-industrial complex and military one for strengthening the country's defense potential. All that we have done and are doing together.