Alexander Khlan: systematic work for success

There was another round of power change in the company four months ago: Alexander Khlan, who previously worked as a chief specialist of the Civil Code “Ukroboronprom”, has become an Acting Director General of SE “Malyshev Plant”. Gradually, during this period, the steering apparatus was substantially renewed – a new team came to the plant management. What did they do during this period of time, and how clear and bright are the prospects?

“100 days in office” is an occasion to summarize

Work with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is always on the agenda and a priority. Routine repair of combat vehicles for the needs of the armed forces, supply parts and components for military equipment – this process is in course and promises to become even more active. Considering the urgent need for the Ukrainian army in a new light armored vehicles – the company management decided to resume the production of parts for armored personnel carriers BTR-80 and BTR-3 in different modifications. Works for development the manufacture of components for armored personnel carrier “Dozor-B” are also performed.

And of course, in cooperation with the KMDB named after Morozov, the supply of components for the BTR-4 are continued. It is planned to extend this activity, adding to it the release of accessories for all types of armored personnel carriers on the basis of the BTR-4 in conjunction with all enterprises of Ukroboronprom engaged in the release of these products in the nearest future.

Also, during the productive patronage of SC “Ukrspecexport” took place, the activity on the foreign market was intensified. The number of orders for the supply of special purpose was increased- at the expense of expansion of cooperation with existing counterparties and the signing of new contracts in recent months. Some of them – are in agreement and promise to come into effect in the coming months. As a result, the cash flow on production needs significantly increased.

Thus, to date, rhythmic and systematic work to achieve our goals has been established. It was made to a large extent due to the organizational and technical support of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.

To solve the problem of modernization of obsolete machinery equipment plant management appealed to the higher authorities and the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to provide financial support and to allocate the necessary funds for the purchase of new equipment and repair the existing radical. But at this stage of the process is already in action: the new modern machines and equipment are gradually being bought. For example, in the end of last year in the shop №160 a machine plasma cutting machine on the basis of the NC was launched manufactured by American company Hypertherm.

Now the enterprise does everything to attract new professionals, first and foremost the representatives of blue -collar occupations. They are provided with a decent stable salary and social package.

Active cooperation with the universities of Kharkiv has been established and the young people are invited to the plant to replenish its technical staff. Also the young people of working professions. The normal wages are proposed even to students, and experienced employees of the enterprise are financially stimulated in their aspiration to teach their craft.

At present, the company has begun to repay the accumulated debt to the Pension Fund. A significant amount of the VAT refund is decided to transfer to the Pension Fund on a single social contribution.

The main task at present the company's management sees the preservation of positive dynamics in the development of production. It is planned to make 2016 the year even more successful and profitable than the previous one. It promises to become a record in terms of volume of production for all the past decade in case of implementing of all conceived and planned.

The facts and numbers

Based on the statistics, using data provided by the economic management of the plant and other responsible agencies, the following is evident.

Manufacturing and realization of products have a clear trend of growth today: in the forth quarter of last year the commodity output increased by 4.5 times, and sales - by 1.4 times in comparison with the third quarter of 2015. Revenue from product sales has increased by 46%. The rate of growth relative to the third quarter is 452%. And in January of this year it was produced commodity output by more than 100 mln UAH.

During four months of leadership of A. Khlan and his team Oplots have been handed over to the warehouse, dozens of MTO, engines for KMDB, spare parts for export were produced a very substantial sum.

By the end of last year, the staff has increased by 13.9% compared with September. The collective of plant became bigger for 500 people in the past year. Staff turnover reduced for 42%.

Mainly this process was stimulated by the salary growth. To date, the average salary on the plant is 5174 UAH, for production workers it is 5300 UAH. Compared to September there was an increase by 10.5%. And besides the wage arrears has virtually disappeared. At the moment, 73% of the January salaries was already paid and in the near future it will be repaid in full, and very soon, probably in March, it is scheduled to enter the stable payment of wages twice a month by the due date on a "down payment-salary", as it was when earlier.

Also we can’t but say about the social component of the life of plant.

For instance, the food in canteens became cheaper: the margin on products in November was twice reduced - from 80 to 40%.

In preparation for the winter the repair of the roof of the large rooms was promoted (at 31000 sq. m). The boiler Aggregate plant was launched into the work. Produced a large array of other repair work in the shops, departments and hostels of the enterprise.

The special clothing was purchased on a large sum and everyone will be gradually provided with it.

At the moment the question of providing special food for plant’s workers involved in hazardous work solved.

It should be noted that this issue, along with previous aforementioned: full repayment of wage arrears and payment to the pension fund, stable production, provision of factory workers overalls and a major roof repair facilities and others for years were out of account managers. And only now, in recent months they entered the active phase of its decision.

Press Service of SE “Malyshev Plant”