Evaluation of the technical level of tank FM «Oplot» (Ukraine) and tank T-90 (RF)

The elaboration of tank FM «Oplot» is performed according to the joint decision of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine about enhancement of tank FM «Oplot» from 28.02.2007 and in accordance with the State program of weaponry and military equipment development by 2015 approved by Presidential Decree from 02.11.2004 №1338-19, and for the period by 2009, which was approved by Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 19.09.2005 №932-0010.

At present we have started mass production of tank FM «Oplot» for foreign customer.


During the evaluation of the technical level of tank FM «Oplot» and tank T-90 the most essential properties and performance of tank settings in part of general specification, weaponry, fire control, mobility and special equipment were reviewed (Table 1).

Tank T-90 and its modifications (Т-90А/Т- 90М) and tank FM «Oplot» were taken as samples. Data about tank T-90 and its modifications (Т-90А/Т- 90М) was taken from common information sources and is mostly advertising. That is why evaluation of the most essential properties of this tank was performed by experts, considering the fact, that tank T-90 was created as a deep modernization of tank Т-72, as tank FM «Oplot» was a result of staged modernization of serial tanks Т-80UD and Т-84.


The process of modernization of tank Т-72 can be divided into two stages: the first one from 1989 till 2000, and the second one from 2000 till 2011. If tank T-90 and its modifications are observed up to their fighting properties (defence, firepower, mobility), the first stage can be base on the transition to the control system identical to the tank Т-80UD/Т-84. The second stage is the creation and establishment of control system based on modern technologies of thermal imaging and television technology, communication and navigation, also used in tanks of NATO, planned during the modification of tank Т-80UD/T- 84 and its transformation into FM «Oplot». It should be considered that tank FM «Oplot» is in the serial production now, but tank Т-90 in its latest modification Т-90M is only a research sample.

The results of evaluation of the technical level of tank T-90 and its modifications showed up that tank FM «Oplot» has the following advantages in comparison with tank T-90 and its modification Т-90M:

1. Defence.

The improved integral anti-tandem dynamic defence, providing tank FM «Oplot» protection from all kinds of antitank weapons, including the weapons having tandem warhead, and providing the defence from RPG-7 and RPG-9.

2. Firepower.

A great amount of ammunition for the main gun with identically situated(hull, autoloader, outside turret compartment) – 46 rounds including 28 rounds inside the autoloader, in contrast with 40 rounds shots of tank Т-90 including 22 rounds inside the autoloader.

Antitank guided rocket «Combat» with tandem warhead with improved characteristics.

3. Mobility.

Better speed performances due to maximal highway speed for about 70 km/ph and back draft for about 30 km/ph in contrast with 60 km/ph and about 5-6 km /ph respectively in tank Т-90. Therefore, there is a higher average speed of maneuvering tank on the ground(about 40-45 km/ph).

Better maneuverability (the tank ability to rapid deployment on the minimal area and its road dimensions match because of the possibility of rotation on the spot around its axis.

Better rotation (ability to maintain the direction adjusted by the steering wheel) and the controllability (ability to change or maintain motion parameters while the action on the steering wheel) due to smooth turning radius switching.

Better ergonomic indicators of driver’s work with fatiguability due to automatic gearshift and the opportunity of smooth turning radius switching in comparison with a fixed range in tank Т-90.

Table 1

Parameter Т-90 (Sample of 2000 )Russian Federation Т-90М (Sample of 2011) Russian Federation BM «Oplot»
1. Weight, t. 46,5 48 51,1
2. Crew, persons 3 3 3
3. Gun: type, mark Smoothbore, 2А46М-4 Smoothbore, 2А46М-5 or 2А82 Smoothbore, КBАZ
4. Caliber, mm. 125 125 125
5. Overall amount of rounds for the main gun/in automatic gun, pcs. 42/22 40/22 46/28
6. Defence from:
- kinetic means of destruction
- cumulative means of destruction
Built-in dynamic
Built-in dynamic and latticeat the МТW
Built-in dynamic against tandem ammunition
7. Engine power, kw. (к.с.) 735,3 (1000) 830,8 (1130) 882 (1200)
8. Radio set Analog, VHF (R-163-50U) Digital, VHF with PCOF Digital, VHF (R-030U) with PCOF
9. Navigation equipment system TNA-4-3 or INA-M “Gamma” with satellite navigation equipment for command vehicles Combined inertial navigation system with GPS Satellite radio navigation system (TIKS-NM)