Mainstay of Ukraine

OPLOT is the most modern Ukrainian tank developed in Kharkiv in the bosom of Morozov Design Bureau and manufactured at “Malyshev Plant” which are part of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.

The latest Ukrainian tank has incredible mobility and maneuverability, a unique multi-component protection system, powerful gun and missile armament

For the destruction of any targets on the modern battlefield the OPLOT is equipped with 125-mm gun, which makes it possible to fire not only with various shells, but also by anti-tank guided missiles. Range of opening fire on enemy’s armored vehicles to OPLOT begins with 4.5-5 kilometers.

For target detection and guidance meet the state-of-the-art fire control system the major part of which is panoramic sighting system – specific “build-up” on the OPLOT turret. There are thermal imager, laser rangefinder and optical observation system located in it. And stabilized gun makes it possible to fire while driving on any terrain.

OPLOT is small-sized due to which it may be easily hiden in the field, and it is difficult to hit it. Weight of 51 tons according to the modern tank standards is quite small. For comparison, the American «Abrams» and German «Leopard-2» weight 10 tons more.

Availability of diesel engine of 1,200 hp provides the OPLOT with incredible running characteristics. Ukrainian tank may “hit the ground running” in a matter of seconds and reach speed of 70 km/h.

OPLOT is equipped with the latest control system, its transmission has seven forward and four reverse speeds. In order to enhance maneuverability on the battlefield, when it is necessary to avoid attack at maximum speed, without exposing sensitive sides and rear part, OPLOT may reach 30 km/h in reverse.

The transmission is also responsible for the smooth turns of multi-ton vehicle. OPLOT is able to just “dance” on small plot of land without mentioning the maneuvers at full speed when the tank holds the road excellently.

OPLOT differs from its competitors in an incredible degree of protection, which is composed of several complementary elements.

Even before the enemy firing laser irradiation detection system VARTA warns about the threat. This laser guidance is used in the majority of anti-tank systems.

After fixing a threat the system may give a command to fire with smoke grenades which screen tank from enemy. Also VARTA system with the help of powerful emitters poses interference for missiles with infrared target seeking device misguiding the flying missile.

If the enemy managed to hit the OPLOT an explosive while dynamic protection of new generation NOZH comes in and protects the tank against cumulative ammunition. NOZH is able to sustain effectively even modern tandem charges created specifically to combat the explosive reactive armor.

And from defeat projectile which represents a thin rod of tungsten or depleted uranium flying at the speed of 1.5-1.7 km/s the main composite armor protects.

Future of OPLOT

At the moment OPLOT has passed all state tests and adopted by the Ukrainian Army, but the purchase of this tank is constantly postponed due to lack of funds for large order of vehicles.

Despite the war in Donbass and obvious need to upgrade the tank park the authorities have not allocated money for its purchase in 2016 as reported the head of Ukroboronprom Roman Romanov.

But Aleksander Sheiko (Chief Engineer of SE “Malyshev Plant” where OPLOT is manufactured) told to OBOZREVATEL now the Ministry of Defence holds negotiations on coordination of order for the Ukrainian army.

“Today the Ministry of Defense decided the inclusion of OPLOT in State Defense Procurement and Acquisition. With that it is suggested to implement it in quite large quantity. OPLOT will be surely included in the scope of supply for the Ukrainian army needs”

Oleg Katkov,