Malyshev Plant Continues Upgrading of the Plant

Malyshev Plant continues upgrading of the plant: re-equipment and upgrading of machinery equipment. The latest novelty which was commissioned is the CNC plasma cutter with air plasma plant manufactured by Hypertherm Company (USA).

This is a new generation of plasma cutting system combining the latest technology in metal cutting and compactness.

The machine is designed for cutting metal of different thickness (from 2 to 80 mm) and at any angle. The installed plasma cutter burns flat parts of any complexity at high speed and absolute accuracy strictly along the outline not damaging the edges. Plasma cutting rate can be 12 times greater than the rate of gas-oxygen one (used in the plant before). Let along the machining of metal, when turning of one part took approximately half an hour. Here the most complicated one can be made within 5 to 7 minutes. In fact the new machine rate of burning on the average makes up 2 seconds. It is also important because of the fact that the longer exposure of metal with small thicknesses to high temperatures may lead to its deformation.

This machine may be used for cutting of all kinds of steel, aluminum alloys, copper, titanium, cast iron and other metals. Parts are shape-cut from a solid sheet of metal according to the computer-aided design “Intech-Raskroy” developed for CNC machines making the whole process easy-to-control. Plasma cutting technology makes it possible to use several sheets of metal simultaneously for the entire length and width of the machine (which is 10x2 meters) and even folded one onto the other, cutting them according to a single pattern. The CNC system ensures absolute repeatability of the articles. Which could immediately without any delay be sent to the assembly, because in this case grinding is practically not required.

And what is important, such a plasma cutting machine is safer for people around it than its predecessors: flammable gases are not used in the work, large amount of heat is not generated, no open flames and gas bottles are not used. All this significantly reduces the risk associated with handling of hot metals.

Thus, a long lasting machining of a part is gradually fading out. It is obvious that such a modern approach significantly increases labour efficiency (according to the calculations of experts – by 5-10 times), extends the application range and versatility of use, saves time and money spent for maintenance and repair of the equipment as well as excludes the possibility of errors. And that means that it reduces the production cycle: for the same period of time the Plant now may manufacture a greater number of high-quality products.