Malyshev Plant: On the threshold of new possibilities

Malyshev Plant: On the threshold of new possibilities

We are working today but aimed for tomorrow

Today Ukraine can be proud of the fact, that despite of all economical difficulties of recent years, she could save her tank building. We should remark that only in seven countries the production of this fighting vehicle is established. And we are the one of them. Also a leading enterprise – the only enterprise producing tanks in Ukraine is SE «Malyshev Plant», which has recently celebrated 120 years of its troubleproof work in mechanical engineering.

Tank building in Ukraine has many prospects, because it is totally concentrated on domestic spare parts. That is why on Malyshev plant, in light of recent events, did not happen a rupture of economic ties and production collapse, just on the contrary – the rise took place. That can not be said about major part of industrial enterprises of Kharkiv, one part of which is in collapse and the second part is completely ceased to exist.

At this stage, the amendment on the internal political situation in the country, the enterprise has the task of national importance: first of all, to establish and build up the uninterrupted production of tanks for the needs of the national army. All plant workshops and departments are entirely focused on the execution of this task. The plant increases production volumes, the plant comes to life, the plant has a future. It can be said that the current time at the plant – this period of its remission, reviving after a long period of stagnation and decay, which occurred during the previous years. Today, and the plant's management and all its staff as a whole look with confidence to the future. In fact there is a good reason.

The plant is provided with orders for the 5 years ahead. And it has the opportunity to invite to work from one thousand to one and a half thousand people. Work is enough – we need people, it is so much that it will suffice for all", – assured me Alexander Pashchenko, head of the production management of SE “Malyshev Plan”.

We are talking here primarily about the special products of the enterprise - a tank "Oplot". At this stage, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine intends to actively support the production of this war machine, in order to put its release to the stream for the needs of our military. The following year it was decided to equip the Ukrainian army dozens of tanks.

We are talking here primarily about the special products of the enterprise - a tank "Oplot". At this stage, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine intends to actively support the production of this war machine, in order to put its release to the stream for the needs of our military. The following year it was decided to equip the Ukrainian army dozens of tanks.

“Malyshev Plan” is an active and permanent participant of internatinal weapon exhibitions. Here he has many interesting to show the world.

Tank T-84U "Oplot" - the pride of the plant, its visit card in recent years, one of the best tanks in the world today.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the combat vehicle is comparable to Western models, and in some respects even surpass them: and on road performance, and protection, and fire control system. Those requirements that apply to armored vehicles to date - are implemented in this product at the highest level.

Also, the contract has 10 tanks “Oplot” in the Kingdom of Thailand has been sent. By the end of the year it is expected to ship more than 5 of them. And in general we have to put to 39 machines.

And there is a confidence: the enterprise continues to increase the pace of production bude tank “Oplot”.

With the highest performance combat capability, our vehilce is almost twice cheaper than its foreign competitors, and therefore for this reason interesting and attractive to potential buyers. It is obvious that in this market we are in a very advantageous position.

The plant also manufactures the engine compartment (EC) for armored vehicles. “We made 7 sets per month, but now we are planning to make 10 sets – shares his plans with me, Dmitry Kolesnikov, acting commercial director of the company. - Thus, for the next year and a half, with this loading rate, the Aggregate, and the main plant are provided with work in full, Dmitry Kolesnikov is sure. – And this rhythm will break even. "

Unique engines for EC are manufactured only by the Aggregate Plant SE

“Malyshev Plant” Their advantage is that they can operate on any fuel and also withstand any thermal loads. And even Chinese imitators known by the variety of possible products and brands - are not able to reproduce “Malyshev” engine and EC as a whole. And because the work of our masters and our own plant in this field – is simply irreplaceable and will inevitably enjoy constant and stable demand.

Thus, the potential of the enterprise division is also quite scale.

These two components of the plant operation have the largest share in the total volume of production, and suggest the most accelerated pace of implementation.

The next line of work – is light armored vehicles. Now preparing for the conclusion of a treaty of Kharkov Machine Building Design Bureau of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the supply of products to the BTR-3, BTR-4, BTR-4E and “Dozor”.

Next –is the direction of which has already implemented a contract and is prepared to conclude the following – is the restoration and repair “Bulat” war machinery for the needs of our army in the area ATO.

In addition to the military orientation of the plant also continues to work in the field of civil – to produce engines and parts for locomotives. It focuses primarily on the near abroad. And the Ukrainian market, of course. And, despite the fact that our railroad, along with similar structures neighbors, reoriented to import high-speed trains and the old Soviet and post-Soviet diesel fleet is gradually replaced by a more modern equivalent, – the plant is working in this direction for at least five- seven coming years.

And the most significant and promising in the activities of the SE “Malyshev Plant” at the moment is a military area.

And as you can see, the existing and anticipated production volumes are huge. And this, above all, full load and ensure operation of factory workers, now and in the future.

Cash infusion - a new perspective

Long-term contracts available today (they are about twenty), and those that are planned to be concluded in the near future, – will allow the company to operate not only without any loss, but also with a considerable profit, which is going to only increase in the future. And when all the work of the plant is finally stabilized and perfected when all factory “gears” will work in the streamlined single cycle it will be carried out all that is conceived and planned, and the company will move to full cost recovery – for certain wage will also be revised upwards. And any questions and problems with the salary may not arise a priori. The plant operates – the plant is provided in a material respect and is able to support themselves in full and in all respects. “We firmly know that will make immediate shipment – pay people wages and all required cash payments contemplated for working in the state-owned enterprise. And we expect improvements only, because we see the result of his work and the interest of the state in it”– this is the reality today, according to Acting General director of the company A. Khlan.

At the moment, the plant performing the task of strengthening the military power of the country, really feel support of the state, represented by the management of SC “Ukroboronprom”, first of all – financial support for the period between the shipment of products. And this is allowed to carry out work to restore the equipment, improvement of working conditions in workshops and regularly pay decent wages for the current year. To date, the plant has almost no debt for wages: workers receive monthly enterprise, along with the salary for the previous month, part of the debt. As for the level of wages – are experts in their field have the opportunity to earn well from 8 thousand UAH and above the average wage in the enterprise today is 4,600 UAH – note, not the smallest in Kharkiv.

“We intend to renovate and upgrade all our machine park, – tells us about the nearest plans Alexander Pashchenko. – A service chief engineer recovery plan is schedule and technical re-equipment of the enterprise. First of all, repair heavy equipment, special CNC machines. This year we has already started the work, after almost two years of inactivity, of steel shop and №550 have already made test smelting iron foundry №580».

Finishing of this process is expected during 2016. At the same time purchase of modern high-performance equipment will take place. Repairs is expected to be held within three months, the purchase of equipment will leave from six months to ten months (such is the production time for a specific order and subsequent delivery to the enterprise) – so that the next year could be called a year of renewal and modernization of the entire technological park of the plant.

The development of social programs and the improvement of working conditions on the shop floor, which is also important and also in the plans. Now it is planned a phased launch of the heating in the winter in a number of areas – work in this direction is actively conducted.

The company settled and living problems: it is planned to repair the old and build new housing (two houses were already built, and highlighted one entrance to settle from the developer), provide loans for its purchase (it was already done: and the man pays the loan within 20 years). Very few companies today in Ukraine have such capabilities.

Previously, the plant was in a standstill, but now, through these cash injections, he went to the next round of development: the trigger of a new life of the enterprise is already running.

And even if our enterprise is experiencing some difficulties today, mainly of domestic nature, which is not surprising after so many years of decline – their decision is seen in the very near future, with the opportunities and growth prospects that we have now. And, accordingly, having came to the plant, such prospects would have everyone.

So SE “Malyshev Plant” is a safe place for the use of their forces and skills. When the unemployment rate in the country takes place – a job is offered here, and even housing for Kharkiv people and visitors from the district and other regions of the country.

We also invite you to come

There are growth opportunities for those people who have the experience and desire to work. The plant employs a lot of such people, and among them, incidentally, a lot of immigrants from the Donbass. Many of them are really professionals who, because of certain circumstances have been forced to change their plant. Their experience and work are appreciated here.

SE "Malyshev Plant" requires skilled hands and bright minds. And invites to join the ranks of "Malyshev Team".

The enterprise is very interested in experienced and skilled workers. But even if you do not have the appropriate experience – you can still come to the plant: experienced guides will teach you their skills in two months, and you will be able to move from the student salary, which is also paid in full and on a regular basis, to another of its material standard. Also we invite to the plant operators of CNC machine tools, programmers, engineers and technicians ... 20 people or more are employed on the SE "Malyshev Plant" every day. But the supply of vacancies is still high.

Today, the plant holds on people of the older generation who gave it more than a dozen years of their life. They are willing and able to share their experience to the young, so that after 120 years the plant would be the same as it is today: a promising and developing, at the forefront of events, which ensures its importance on a national scale, and gives it one hundred percent confidence in the present and future.

Alexander Khlan, Acting Director General of SE “Malyshev Plant”:
"I want to appeal to those people who are willing to come to us: pouring into the collective" Malyshev ", you get confidence in the future that today is worth a lot ... I do believe in a better future for our plant. I believe that our recent 120-year anniversary is a start to new opportunities and initiatives, that the plant is waiting for a complete "reboot": update, rebirth, and only the best times to have new production capacity".

Vladimir Lanskoy