Not a stranger’s anniversary

Last week one of the leading universities of Kharkiv and Ukraine – National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” – celebrated its 130th anniversary.

SE “Malyshev Plant” and NTU “KhPI” are united by more than age-old history: the university turns 130 years old this year, and our plant – 120 years. And we have always been inextricably tied: creative findings, operational issues, adoption of advanced technologies and creation of unique specimens of high-quality equipment for the agro-industrial complex and military one for strengthening the country's defense potential. All that we have done and are doing together.

Construction of Locomotive Plant in Kharkiv in 1895 came after the opening of Technological Institute in 1885 “for it” which has undertaken the training of highly skilled engineers.

An outstanding designer and scientist, a graduate of KhTI Vasily Trofimovich Tsvetkov stood at the origins of engine building at Kharkiv Locomotive Plant who move up through the ranks from engineer to become a technical director. With his efforts the close working relationships between industrial workers and representatives of science supported till now have been established.

Many famous names may be called here – those graduates of KhPI whose talent and capacity reached its peak during the years of work at the enterprise.

Dozens of thousands of professionals graduated from KhPI in different times have thrown in lot with the plant: designers, technologists, foremen, chief specialists and middle and senior managers. Including director of the plant – I. P. Bondarenko, K. D. Petukhov, N. A. Sobol, V. V. Pivovarov, G. D. Gritsenko.

Talented design discoveries, research and engineering thought - inexhaustible base and capacity KhPI, which have always been and will be in demand including of our factory. In fact today the “backbone” of the enterprise constitutes mainly of graduates of Polytech: 275 of those work at SE “Malyshev Plant”.

Over the years of more than hundred years of our cooperation the tremendous production, scientific and technological, unique professional experience has been gained. And consolidated it gives us hope and even confidence: we have many new common achievements and victories before us.

Management of the plant, on behalf of the enterprise, joined the grand honoring the day of the institution significant anniversary and wished further prosperity and success in the technical education of present and many future generations of students. We dare to believe that they are future generation “malyshevets”

And about. Director General of SE "Plant named. Malyshev "Alexander Hlan congratulates with the anniversary of NTU" KPI "in

represented by its rector - Yevgeny Ivanovich Falcon.

Lyudmila Severova,

a spokesman for the State Enterprise "Plant them. Malyshev. "